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Nicola Kearns Author 17 April 2024


I am not a best writing author. I am a best-selling author. I say that I am not a best writing author because like thousands of other writers, I still find errors in my novels. I recently bought a book by a very well known Irish writer and there was a spelling error on the blurb at the back of the book. It didn’t stop me buying it. I still found another error inside the book. But did it prevent me enjoying the story? No. The story was captivating and I could not put it down. As I always do, because I know how much it means to an author, I wrote a very good review because her book was absolutely fantastic. Her story enthralled me from the very first page. I thought about the story when I was away from it and after reading it, I missed it. That makes a good author. Readers often do not realise when a writer sends their novel to be printed, it is up to their editor/proof-reader to correct errors. Many are missed.

Unfortunately the author is the person who gets a bad review, one to say the story was great but there were many mis-spellings. Centuries ago, it could take a writer over ten or twenty years to produce a novel. These days, agents, fans, publicists want a book on the shelves, NOW. Authors can take years still to write a book, but when their treasured manuscript is handed over to a publisher, they often merely skim read and do not even read the whole book. They flick through, hand it to their printer, out it goes, and people buy it. If there are many mistakes, and they get many complaints, they do a re-write. But this happens very rarely. It takes a lot of money to publish and print a book.

I myself have had complaints about my first novel because it had errors and it makes me cringe. I was unfortunate that my first publisher went into liquidation during the time my book went for public sale. They did not proofread it, or edit it. Despite this, my novel still went to Number 1 on the Kindle Best-selling list. Although I republished my novel, some of these books are still in circulation, in book-shops and online to buy.

I do not want this to happen to my clients.

If you read the testimonials from other authors on my website you will see that I give professional advice regarding editing and proof-reading, and they have been very happy with my service.

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