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To be released in Summer 2024 – ‘See Naples and Live’

Current Work in Progress due for release in Summer 2024 – ‘See Naples and Live’ features the compelling story of Irish woman, Carrie Casey, and her journey of resilience in the aftermath of an earthquake in Italy in 2009. The narrative intertwines Carrie’s experiences with those of the renowned author, Constantina Bertini, who survived a similar disaster in 1915. As Carrie recovers from the earthquake, she immerses herself in Constantina’s tapes, drawing strength and inspiration from her tale of survival.
While recovering with the Orsini family in Livorno, Carrie finds solace and love in their nephew, Eduardo, who becomes a pivotal figure in her healing process. However, as their relationship deepens, Carrie uncovers Eduardo’s hidden complexities and struggles to break free from his hold, embarking on a journey towards independence.
This novel intricately weaves the stories of Carrie and Constantina, highlighting their resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Through their compelling narratives, readers witness the women’s transformative journeys as they navigate challenges and strive to reclaim their lives.
Set against the alluring landscape of Southern Italy, the dynamic interplay between past and present, including the intricate character dynamics, ensures a gripping and emotionally resonant reading experience for audiences seeking a tale of empowerment and self-discovery.

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Being caught up in war is not what Ana Mellor expects when she lands in Malta to join her Wing-Commander father. In the midst of horror and destruction, the courage and resilience of the Maltese people is revealed as they struggle to survive. Ana falls in love but treachery intervenes with catastrophic consequences.

Meanwhile, disillusioned with Ireland’s fight for political independence, Ernie McGuill leaves home to join the British Army. Due to the outbreak of war he trains as a fighter pilot and is posted to Malta. It is against this background that the characters of Ana, Ernie and many others are interwoven in a story of betrayal and intrigue. This is not unravelled until generations later when two women make a journey to Malta – a journey that is to have astonishing consequences.

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Spanning over sixty years, from an island torn apart in the Second World War, to what is now a tourist’s paradise, the story intertwines three separate love stories. The focus is on three generations of women, who like The Azure Window, are beautiful, fragile and enigmatic.
Primarily set in Malta in present times, Jessy McGuill becomes drawn into the past and the life of her mother, Maria, whom she never knew. The truth she learns of her grandmother Ana’s endurance as she struggled to survive severe loss and heartache during the Siege of Malta, forms the backdrop to Jessy’s own story.

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By Amazon’s Best Selling Author. All the Seas Between Italy. June, 1940. Benito Mussolini declares his country is at war. Serenella Inglima, a young noble woman, suddenly finds herself estranged from both the man she loves and her Sicilian home. A shocking personal incident, involving one of the twentieth century’s most formidable Dictators, has consequences affecting Serenella and the Inglima family for decades. Malta. October, 2003.

Young Irish woman, Jessica McGuill, has been living on the small Mediterranean island for almost two years. Engaged to be married, her world is suddenly thrown into turmoil, when two men in her life, from very different backgrounds, make unexpected declarations.

These women’s lives are intertwined through familial ties and two different types of war. One is forced on a country, the other is a battle of wills – a conflict between right and wrong and the grey area in between. Because life is never simple really is it? Especially in matters of the heart.

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Patches Short Stories

In the author’s words, ‘Patches’ is “a very small book, of very short stories”. It is a collection of the writer’s earlier published and unpublished work. These are stories of love and betrayal, of life and death, but there is joy and laughter too. We are given fleeting glimpses of lives that fascinate and intrigue us; many of them with a mystery that draws us in but that often leaves us guessing. Like life itself, we seldom ever know the full story. Every picture literally tells a tale, as many of the essays are beautifully illustrated by modest works of art sketched by the author’s father, artist Nicholas Kearns.

Leah Kennedy, one of Germany’s most successful crime journalists, takes a nostalgic sojourn back to her very first interview in Ireland. Picking up where she left off over twenty years ago, Leah uncovers the truth about a young Irish, Cumann na mBan woman.
A research trip to the young woman’s home village begins a tale of mystery, intrigue and a heart-rending love-story, as Leah unravels a tale that takes her on a journey, far beyond anything or anywhere she has ever experienced in her career. With descriptions of real battles that took part during the War of Independence and Civil War, including harrowing accounts of the harsh realities women faced in Ireland’s pain-filled road to freedom, this novel guarantees to astound those readers who enjoyed the author’s Malta Trilogy.

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Painting of ‘All the Seas Between’ book cover in progress.

Artist Nicholas Kearns
Artist Nicholas Kearns

Under an Irish Sky

Under an Irish Sky Novel by Nicola Kearns

PATCHES of Love & Life
Illustrations from – A very small book of very short stories by Nicola Kearns

All the Seas Between – Some photos of places mentioned in Novel

New book on How to Get Published.

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