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I am not a best writing author. I am a best-selling author. I say that I am not a best writing author because like thousands of other writers, I still find errors in my novels. I recently bought a book by a very well known Irish writer and there was an error in spelling on the blurb at the back of the book. It didn’t stop me buying it. I still found another error inside the book. But did it prevent me enjoying the story? No. The story was captivating and I could not put it down. As I always do, because I know how much it means to an author, I wrote a very good review because her book was absolutely fantastic. Her story enthralled me from the very first page. I thought about the story when I was away from reading it and after reading it, I missed reading it. That makes a good author. Readers often do not realise that when a writer sends their novel to be printed, it is up to their editor/proof-reader to correct errors. Many are missed.

Unfortunately the author is the person who gets a bad review to say that the story was great but there were many mis-spellings. Centuries ago it could take a writer over ten or twenty years to produce a novel. These days, agents, fans, publicists want a book out NOW, on the shelves, NOW. Authors can take years still to write a book, but when their treasured manuscript is handed over to a publisher, they skim read. They often do not even read the whole book. They flick through, hand it to their printer and out it goes. People buy it. If there are many mistakes, and they get many complaints, they do a re-write. But this happens very rarely. It takes a lot of money to publish and print a book.

I myself have had complaints about my first novel because it had errors. It makes me cringe. I was unfortunate in that my first publisher went into liquidation during the time my book went for public sale. They did not proofread it, or edit it. Despite this, my novel still went to Number 1 on the Kindle Best selling list. Although I republished my novel, some of these books are still in circulation, in book-shops and online to buy.

I do not want this to happen to my clients.

If you read the testimonials from other authors on my website you will see that I give professional advice regarding editing and proof-reading, and they have been very happy with my service.

Review for the ‘Developing Your Fiction Workshop.’

A lovely review from one of my clients. at @leitrimwritingcottage #leitrimwritingcottage#writerscommunity#ballinamore#leitrim#leitrimtourism#writersretreats
Having just spent two very enjoyable days at the Leitrim Writing Cottage with the renowned author Nicola Kearns, I can safely say that this has been a wonderful experience. Nicola is unstinting with her time and energy, and her practical no-nonsense approach, has meant that with very hard work over the two days, my manuscript is now ready for publication.
Bernie Muckian 23rd June 2022


This Short Story Workshop is delivered by best-selling author Nicola Kearns.

Authoring Guidance, Food and Peace in the heart of the countryside

Nicola Kearns’ three novels (The Malta Saga) each reached Number One on Amazon. Nicola has been published in multiple anthologies and magazines over the years, and is a requested speaker on radio, podcasts and in the public media.

What many of you may not know is that Nicola has trained, mentored and supported many other best-selling authors, including: Iva Beranek, Simon Maltman, Seamus O’Rourke among others.

Nicola shares with you exactly how she started her own books and gives you every detail of the process, strategies and tools that have proved so effective for herself and her students.

The Writing day starts off with coffee and your hands-on interaction with the original manuscripts, notes and research materials from Nicola’s Books, so you get a feel for the practical scaffolding and structures around creating a book or short story for publishing.

You put pen to paper, or keyboard in motion- in short order as you practice observation and get started in a short writing practice – And you get all the Nicola Kearns tips and tricks in getting started: Then you put your own style to it.

Find and Write a Character for your story: Characters are the foundation of everything- so we need to get this nailed down early. Learn to write from the inside out- It’s so much easier.

Introducing lots of Nudge items at this point gets your creative side sizzling- Pick your starting point right now.

What is the journey of your story? – When you get that documented your are on the right road for sure and that map will carry you through your story to the end.

Where you learn to finish with a dash to the end, or a big splash? Or maybe a flourish? But memorable for sure, leaving your reader looking for your next story or book.

My Writers Workshops

My workshop is an opportunity for aspiring writers to have private space for their writing in a peaceful environment. A place where they can be inspired, to fire their imagination and to work through the process of composing their work. A Writer’s Bootcamp kind of coaching, through organised writing workshops, with lots of support and encouragement.
I have been where you now are, starting out on your writing life and although I may not have all the answers, I will do my utmost to assist you in any questions you may have. My writing workshop is all about getting the ideas in your head down on paper. Getting your thoughts out. It is not an easy task. If you leave the weekend with one word on paper, that is okay. If you leave with a notebook full of writing, that is okay.
Writing can be emotional. It is hard enough to put our thoughts into words at times, never mind write them down.
But we all have a unique story.
Whether it is fictional or factual.
What makes a writer?
Somebody who writes.

What other Authors Say about Me


I have known Nicola Kearns now for over thirteen years and have watched her apply herself and develop her many talents. Apart from her other enterprises she has become a published author, and no doubt, quite capable of helping others find themselves in the literary field where she has achieved.    Nicola helped me in 2009 in the transcription of some of my father’s (Ernie O’Malley) most difficult transcriptions of local Leitrim survivors of the War of Independence and the Civil War. The transcription work had been a challenge for all who had tried it. In Nicola’s case, she did far more than she was asked to do and brought local lore to bear on a subject of which I knew little. Her work was thorough, efficient and timely. She knew when to ask questions but otherwise she carried on and delivered a fine product. Given the work she had done on the Battie Cryan interview, she deserved an acknowledgement, but the interview was not included in my ‘The Men Will Talk to Men: Mayo Interviews by Ernie O’Malley” only due to space limitations.   I heartily endorse Nicola and her projects. Yours sincerely, Cormac O’Malley, Author, Editor and Lecturer

Seamus O’Rourke – Actor & Author.

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Vanessa O’Loughlin (aka Sam Blake) author & owner of Writers Ink.

Jane Gilheany-Barry – Author of Cailleach Witch & That Curious Shade of Green

‘Nicola has been an inspiration to me in my writing career. She is a natural encourager/mentor with a wealth of knowledge to share. I can’t think of anyone better suited to lead this type of business. I believe emerging writers who come her way will receive the gentle guidance and practical support that is so vitally important, yet so hard to find.’ – Jane Gilheaney Barry, Author.

Iva Beranek – Author

“Nicola was very supportive and helpful when I was in the process of self-publishing my first children’s book, “Veronica’s Bookstore”. Nicola provided crucial information, a few relevant contacts & reassurance in her very kind way of dealing with people. I’m really grateful to her for her help!” Iva Beranek

Simon Maltman – Crime Fiction Writer

Nicola Kearns is a great supporter of Irish writers. Nicola has been kind enough to offer feedback on works in progress for me. Nicola is a champion of Irish writers, reviewing and helping to promote their work.

Tony O’Connell, Author & Expert on Atlantis

“I have known Nicola for a number of years, during which time we became good friends. We were both working on books at the same time, but, although we were dealing different genres. However, there was sufficient overlap between the two, which permitted a useful exchange of ideas and experiences. Nicola was always generous with her time and would patiently tease out problems with me.
Writers are often very self-critical and from time to time consider abandoning their current project. I also reached that point, but thanks to the encouragement of Nicola I was spurred on to complete my book and publication. Nicola has the ideal temperament for a tutor and is certain to go far in that role. I wish her every success.”
Tony O’Connell

Joining The Dots by [Tony O'Connell, Anton Mifsud]

Shannonside Radio Interview with Nicola Kearns