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My Background

From a very young age all I ever wanted to do was write. My first memory is of writing childish scribbles in a copy book and presenting them to my parents who naturally told me that they were amazing.

At the age of nine I spent a long time in hospital with pneumonia. To pass the time I wrote stories to keep myself and the other children in the ward occupied. That little book of stories is still in my filing cabinet and is covered with the names of the friends I made during my hospital stay.

During my teens I edited a youth magazine for our local youth club and also wrote for my school journal, including writing the local parish magazine newsletter.

Later, I began to write for magazines and was delighted at the age of nineteen to receive my first payment for an article I wrote for a UK Woman’s magazine. I wrote for various other magazines for many years and in my late twenties, when the mum of two young children, I gained a Diploma in Freelance Journalism.

I had always wanted to write a novel, but it wasn’t until my forties that this came to pass, after my youngest son left home. I had pages and pages of a story that I had been scribbling for years, but in 2015 I finally finished what became my first novel.

Within the next two years I wrote another two novels. Namely, The Malta Saga. A trilogy set in Malta and Italy during WWII, a story spanning more than sixty years. These novels to my delight all became best sellers on Amazon.

During the writing of these novels I also wrote many short stories which were published in several anthologies and magazines.

I undertook a Teaching Creative Writing course in 2019 but unfortunately 2020 brought us Covid and my plans for teaching had to be shelved for a while.

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